“It is also rare that I find myself wanting to rewatch a film as soon as it finished, but this is one of those times. I really enjoyed Seize the Night, and the ending really “got” me, which is rare for this old cynic.”




“…Blalock’s visual kaleidoscope puts this among the great exemplars of hallucinema.”

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“Seize the Night brings a good-spirited budding romance in the wild world of Los Angeles nightlife. Nina Bergman and Pasha Gerard drive the film with their excellent chemistry. Another winner for that rockstar director Gene Blalock!”

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“Overall, ‘Seize the Night’ is rather incredible given the budget, I would really like to see this film make some sort of indie festival run with the stars on hand talking about it. What else is there to say, buy it! Seize the Night rates a rousing, sharp, yet tender masterpiece a 9 out of 10!!”

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Amazing Journey Through the Night. Movies Review 101’s thoughts on the film.

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Deadline has an exclusive trailer for Seize the Night, a thriller directed by Gene Blalock that Glass House Distribution recently acquired from Seraph Films for release on demand.

Read the article


May 02, 2021

3 Geeks Podcast talks with director Gene Blalock and writer/actor Pasha Gerard about the release of CARPE NOCTEM.

Watch the interview here.

Interview with Director, Gene Blalock

December 07, 2019

“Always trust your instincts. Self-doubt can be overwhelming at times, but if you always trust your gut feeling, it’s usually the correct way of going about a project.”

Read the article here.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Gene Blalock

“Ordinarily, a very private person, Gene agreed to share some surprising facts about himself. Here are five things you didn’t know about Gene Blalock.”

Read the article here.

Director Gene Blalock’s psychological thriller, “Nightmare Gallery”

November 28, 2019

I love as a Journalist when people delve into the depth of their craft. Here is Director Gene Blalock on his new film, The Nightmare Gallery.

Read the article here.

‘The Nightmare Gallery’ (2019) Film Review: A Descent Into A Museum Of Madness

July 08, 2019

In horror, ancient mystical artifacts and obsession typically spells disaster. This is no different in Gene Blalock’s latest haunting feature film.

Read the article here.

‘The Opening of a “Gallery”: An Interview with Gene Blalock

July 03, 2019

The founder of Seraph Films, Gene Blalock can be described as a master storyteller. He is best known for his work in making horror films with human perspectives in his characters. He has won numerous accolades for his work. His latest film, The Nightmare Gallery, is now available on VOD platforms from Gravitas Ventures.

Read the article here.

‘The Nightmare Gallery’ Trailer: Amber Benson Goes on a Dark Journey into the Occult

June 04, 2019

Amber Benson has already dealt with dark forces in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but in the new horror film The Nightmare Gallery, she’s dealing with something even more sinister.

Read the article here.

Gravitas Acquires ‘The Nightmare Gallery’ Starring ‘Buffy’ Alum Amber Benson

May 28, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Gravitas Ventures announced today that they have acquired the U.S. rights to the feature horror The Nightmare Gallery starring Amber Benson, who is best known as Tara on the cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The film will be released on-demand June 18.

Read the article here.

Post Perspective:
Interview with director Gene Blalock

NOVEMBER 2), 2018

Posting The Nightmare Gallery was a Dream.  Director Gene Blalock called on DaVinci Resolve 15 Studio for horror film’s VFX, editing, grading, and sound design.

Read the interview here.

AME Magazine / Radio:
Interview with director Gene Blalock

JUNE 21, 2018

Award-winning Los Angeles-based Director, Gene Blalock, is known for his touching, heart-warming films as much as his eccentric short horror vignettes. Bringing a decidedly human perspective to each of his works, Gene‘s works reflect our common humanity, as if from a mirror of compassion, for us to examine and consider. Regardless of genre, Gene‘s work rings true in a thought-provoking way.

Listen on AME Radio.

Nightmare Gallery Invites Viewers to “Follow Me!”

APRIL 18, 2018

The Nightmare Gallery is an indie horror film, from director Gene Blalock (“Horror Haiku”). The film stars “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” alumni Amber Benson, along with Kevin Chamberlin and Mat Devine. A supernatural horror title, The Nightmare Gallery involves an anthropology professor and her search for a missing pupil. This is an AWOL Studios and Seraph Films production. Already completed, a preview of the film’s first movie poster is here.

Read more on 28 DLA.


APRIL 18, 2018

The Nightmare Gallery is a 2018 American supernatural horror film directed by Gene Blalock (Horror Haiku TV series) from a screenplay by Jhan Harp and Rob Stith. The Seraph Films production stars Amber Benson, Kevin Chamberlin, and Mat Devine.


The Nightmare Gallery Releases Official Poster

APRIL 11, 2018

While fans anxiously await the release of this horror mystery film, we can look at the art to build suspense. Director Gene Blalock of Seraph Films presents another thoughtful film for our consumption.

Read the article on Sinful Celluloid.

Bloodling Disgusting:
The Nightmare Gallery’ Art Searches For the Truth

APRIL 06, 2018

Blooding Disgusting reveals the exclusive first look at the poster for THE NIGHTMARE GALLERY.

See the poster here.

Interview with Gene on Occhimag

Occhimag interviews Gene about the upcoming release of GAMES OF CHANCE, a quirky thriller about two questionably skilled hit-men, who discover that their profession comes with unexpected challenges. Read the interview with online at

Gene Interviewed on Dinheiro Vivo

Read the interview with Dinheiro Vivo, a Portuguese digital journal, online at

Gene Interviewed on Podcast: At the Point of a Knife

In the March 13, 2017 episode, Gene is interviewed about his prolific works created with Seraph Films including hundreds of videos, short films, and web series. Listen online at

Gene on on Teatime of Terror

The We Are Indie Horror podcast, Teatime of Terror, featured Gene Blalock and Steven Shea on January 24, 2017. Listen to the podcast.

Scary Christmas Write-up on Blasting News

On December 10, 2016, LA’s Seraph Films, Nvisionate and We Are Indie Horror celebrated Christmas with a twist. Read more at

INDICTMENT Premiere Write-up on Blasting News

On October 26, 2016, Seraph Films held its annual Halloween Short Horror Film Night at the El Cid Theatre in Hollywood. The event served as the red carpet premiere of Seraph’s newest short directed by Gene, INDICTMENT. Read more at

INDICTMENT Premiere Write-up on the Hollywood Screamer

On October 26, 2016, Seraph Films held its annual Halloween Short Horror Film Night at the El Cid Theatre in Hollywood. The event served as the red carpet premiere of Seraph’s newest short directed by Gene, INDICTMENT. Read more at

On — Seraph Films Announces New Web Series: The Disappearance of Madison Bishop

On September 14, 2016, Seraph Films revealed that what appeared to be a sequence of fan videos is actually the start of their new web series “The Disappearance of Madison Bishop.” The prologue season concluded with the video uploaded on the 14th. Read more about Seraph’s latest project on and watch the prologue season online.

On Daily Dead: Watch the Short Film AMONG THE SHADOWS & Read Exclusive Comments from Director Gene Blalock

Gene reflects on the challenges, collaborations, and triumphs he experienced while bringing the project to life on the Daily Dead. Read more.

Scare LA Panel with Gene Blalock on Teatime of Terror

This special episode of Tea Time of Terror goes to ScareLA, the annual halloween and horror convention that takes place every August in Pasadena California. WAIH co-founder Brian Sapir moderates, with Darren Lynn Bousman, Gene Blalock, Mary Russell, Jessica Cameron, and Andrew Kasch as panelists. They discus making horror films in today’s climate, the importance of solid production teams, and they share some special stories from set. Listen to the podcast.

Vernor’s Ticket Recaps Scare LA Panel with Gene Blalock

At this year’s Scare LA, Gene took part in a panel presented by We Are Indie Horror titled: Indie Horror: Want to Make a Scary Movie? Read more on Vernor’s Ticket.

Interview on The Cinema Psychos Show

Brian Cottington sits down Gene to talk about all things film. Listen to the interview here.

Interview on #CreativeLife

Watch Gene talk with host Alexia Anastasio on her show #CreativeLife.

Interview on Blasting News

Read an interview with Gene on Blasting News.

AMONG THE SHADOWS Trailer Announced on Flickering Myth

Read the Flickering Myth announcement online.

Interview on Dread Central

David Gelmini at Dread Central has an exclusive interview with director Gene Blalock and the first online stream for the long awaited AMONG THE SHADOWS.

Press Release on Daily Dead for Appearance in Web Series

The We Are Indie Horror TV production team will premiere its first ever YouTube series, It Came From Candi’s Lab, and Gene is slated to appear. Read the press release on Daily Dead.

We Are Indie Horror Community Check-In

Read more about Gene in a feature story on We Are Indie Horror.

It Came from Candi’s Lab Episode

Watch Candi Fear interview Gene Blalock of Seraph Films on her show It Came from Candi’s Lab.

Interview on Teatime of Terror

Gene Blalock joins Neil and Brian to discuss their Scary Christmas party, Seraph Films, and the countless charities Gene works with. Listen to the Teatime of Terror interview with Gene online.

INDICTMENT Exclusive on We Are Indie Horror

We Are Indie Horror asked Gene Blalock of Seraph Films a few questions about crowdfunding for INDICTMENT. Read the story online.

THE SHADOW GUIDE Teaser Release Announcement on We Are Indie Horror

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